Dog License Reminder

Dog licenses deadline has been extended to 5/1/2020. Currently we have about half the dogs registered in town, and are hoping to get the rest done before the deadline. Most folks received a reminder by mail this year, giving their dogs rabies vaccination status. If you lost it or did not get one and need that information, call the town clerks office at (802) 456-7051. If you have acquired a new dog since last year, and it is over 6 months old, you are required by state law to register the dog. Please provide proof of rabies vaccinations and spay/neuter procedure. If you were required to get a new rabies shot, please either have the vet email it to me at, or put a copy with your check in the drop box at the town office, or mail it to Town of Woodbury, P.O. Box 10, Woodbury, VT 05681. If you need a copy of the rabies info mailed back just indicate that with a note and I will make sure to send it. Cost is:
Spayed/Neutered- Before 5/1/2020- $9.00; After 5/1/20- $11.00
Unaltered- Before 5/1/2020-$13.00; After 5/1/2020- $17.00
Please make checks payable to Town of Woodbury.
Thank you for your attention to this matter!
Laura Dailey-Assistant Town Clerk