2021 Town Positions Available

The following appointed town positions are open and are in need of interested Woodbury residents to serve in these positions :

A representative to the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District board – This person would represent Woodbury on the board and share in the governing of CVSWD operations and contribute concerns of Woodbury to the board. If you’d like to know more about CVSWMD and what your commitment would entail, feel free to contact Lisa Liotta, general manager at CVSWMD…generalmanager@cvswmd.org or phone at 802-229-9383 ext 108.

A representative to the Central Vermont Fiber board – CVFiber is a special municipality, made up of several towns in the central Vermont area, formed for the purpose of bringing high speed internet service to its member towns. Woodbury has had a rep to CVFiber in the past but at the moment, no one from town serves on its board.  More information about CVFiber can be found by contacting Jeremy Hansen…central.vermont.internet@gmail.com or by phone 802-279- 6054  For an update on CVFiber check out:   https://cvfiber.net/2021/03/cvfiber-community-update-march-2021/https://cvfiber.net/2021/03/cvfiber-community-update-march-2021/

Woodbury Health Officer– This position would require training through the Health Department.  If you are interested in this position and would like to know more about it, please contact Michael Gray…wsbmgray@gmail.com or call 802-456-1983.

Select Board Assistant– This is a paid position that would entail a commitment of approximately 4 hours a week.  Tasks would vary and the schedule is flexible. One essential task would be the taking of meeting minutes and would require attendance at select board meetings. If interested please contact Michael Gray…wsbmgray@gmail.com or 456-1983



Woodbury Town Meeting 2021 Summary

Town Meeting Day this year was different, to say the least.  Out of 743 ballots mailed, 205  were returned before Town Meeting Day and 111 people cast their ballots in person, for a 42.5 percent turnout.  The virtual “Informational Meeting” on Thursday evening prior, was considered a success and may be repeated in future years.   Here is a summary of the results:

Woodbury Town Meeting 2021 Summary Sheet



Steve Freihofner 283

Write-ins: Kirk Thompson 1 Phil Demers -1



Robin Durkee – 295

Write-ins: Phil Demers 2,

Diana Peduzzi 2, Laura Dailey 1



Christopher Koteas 240

Write-ins: Mike McGlynn 2 Phil Demers 1 Tim Appleton 1, Roy Demers 1, Monty Shatney 1, Chuck Batchelder 1



Bob Martin – 254

Write-ins: Mike McGlynn, 2

Del Tax Coll.


Ronald Wells 268

Write-ins: Mike McGlynn 1 Blake 1

Library 1yr Elizabeth Hansen  269
Library 3yrs Sara VanHof   260
Library 2yrs Stephen Murphy 262
Library 3yrs Michelle Duford 251


Auditor 3yrs Several write-ins – none more than 8 needed for election
Auditor 2yrs Several write-ins – none more than 8 needed for election
Cemetery 5yrs Write-ins: Jamie Dutil 11, Susan

Stitely 9, others

Cemetery 2yrs Jamie Dutil 29,

Stephanie Appleton 6, others

Article 2 $10,494 for 21 area service agencies Yes 258 No 45
Article 3 About tax collections –

Yes 276 No 27

Article 4 $17,850 – WVFD Truck Fund

Yes 240   no 73

Article 5 $105,297 – WVFD Operations

Yes 226     No 84

Article 6 $85,000 – WVFD New Station

Yes 139 No 167

Article 7 $205,129 – General Fund

Yes 280                  No 26

Article 8 $571,994 – Highway Budget

Yes 280                   No 29