Town Positions To Be Filled

The Town of Woodbury is looking for interested, qualified volunteers to fill a number of important positions in town government.

Planning Commission ( four year term) Our Planning Commission has just completed the first new town plan in many years, and now has a list of projects waiting to be tackled, including an update of the Zoning Ordinance. You can review a copy of the Town Plan on the town web site

Zoning Board of Adjustment (3 year term) This quasi-judicial board reviews and rules on appeals of zoning permit denials, variances, conditional uses, and appeals of rulings by the Zoning Administrator. In recent years the board has only had two or three cases come before it each year.

Health Officer – This is an important position that involves responding to complaints of health hazards. Google Vermont Town Health Officer Manual for more details. This position has historically been pretty quiet with a handful of complaints each year.

Emergency Management Director РThe Emergency Management Director (EMD) is an appointed individual in each town or city who has direct responsibility for the organization, administration, and coordination of the local organization for emergency management. For more information:

Town Energy Coordinator – this is an appointed position that has never been very active in Woodbury but can become so with the right person!

Please consider contributing to your community by tackling one of these positions.

Woodbury Select Board – Peter Peltz, Chris Koteas, Diana Peduzzi