Town Plan Community Survey Update

The Planning Commission needs to hear from Woodbury residents and property owners to get your input on Woodbury’s future. The Planning Commission published a link to the Community Survey on November 9, 2020. A sincere thank you to the 49 Survey respondents to date.

Please note that the Community Survey is a vital tool used to establish a strong, community-held vision of Woodbury’s future. The deadline for submitting your input is January 6, 2021 so there is ample time for all Woodbury residents and property owners to take the survey.  Here’s the link to the electronic survey:

Please do forward the survey link to two other persons in Woodbury.

Paper copies of the survey are available at the Town Offices. Please call ahead at 802.456.7051 to be sure the Offices are open.

Thank you,

Town of Woodbury Planning Commission

Contact: Thomas Lindsay, Planning Commission Chair

Contact: Michael Gray, Select Board Chair, Planning Commission

Contact: Jim Schweithelm, Planning Commission

Contact: Jayne Nold-Laurendeau, Planning Commission

  • Phone: 802.456.1534

Contact: Dave Barnowski, Planning Commission

  • Phone: 802.456.7094