Final Draft Town Plan Available

The 2021 Woodbury Town Plan Final Draft document is available for review.  The document may be accessed by “clicking” on this hyperlink:

Paper copies of the Plan will be available at the Town Offices, 1672 Vermont Route 14, Woodbury Vermont 05681

Written comments regarding the draft plan document should be submitted and received by 5:00 p.m. on October 18, 2021 and can be mailed to the Woodbury Planning Commission, P.O. Box 10 WoodburyVT 05681, or placed in the drop box at the Town Offices, 1672 Route 14 WoodburyVT 05681, or sent by email to: Thomas “Skip” Lindsay, Planning Commission Chair at



2021 Town Positions Available

The following appointed town positions are open and are in need of interested Woodbury residents to serve in these positions :

A representative to the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District board – This person would represent Woodbury on the board and share in the governing of CVSWD operations and contribute concerns of Woodbury to the board. If you’d like to know more about CVSWMD and what your commitment would entail, feel free to contact Lisa Liotta, general manager at CVSWMD… or phone at 802-229-9383 ext 108.

A representative to the Central Vermont Fiber board – CVFiber is a special municipality, made up of several towns in the central Vermont area, formed for the purpose of bringing high speed internet service to its member towns. Woodbury has had a rep to CVFiber in the past but at the moment, no one from town serves on its board.  More information about CVFiber can be found by contacting Jeremy Hansen… or by phone 802-279- 6054  For an update on CVFiber check out:

Woodbury Health Officer– This position would require training through the Health Department.  If you are interested in this position and would like to know more about it, please contact Michael Gray… or call 802-456-1983.

Select Board Assistant– This is a paid position that would entail a commitment of approximately 4 hours a week.  Tasks would vary and the schedule is flexible. One essential task would be the taking of meeting minutes and would require attendance at select board meetings. If interested please contact Michael Gray… or 456-1983



Woodbury Town Meeting 2021 Summary

Town Meeting Day this year was different, to say the least.  Out of 743 ballots mailed, 205  were returned before Town Meeting Day and 111 people cast their ballots in person, for a 42.5 percent turnout.  The virtual “Informational Meeting” on Thursday evening prior, was considered a success and may be repeated in future years.   Here is a summary of the results:

Woodbury Town Meeting 2021 Summary Sheet



Steve Freihofner 283

Write-ins: Kirk Thompson 1 Phil Demers -1



Robin Durkee – 295

Write-ins: Phil Demers 2,

Diana Peduzzi 2, Laura Dailey 1



Christopher Koteas 240

Write-ins: Mike McGlynn 2 Phil Demers 1 Tim Appleton 1, Roy Demers 1, Monty Shatney 1, Chuck Batchelder 1



Bob Martin – 254

Write-ins: Mike McGlynn, 2

Del Tax Coll.


Ronald Wells 268

Write-ins: Mike McGlynn 1 Blake 1

Library 1yr Elizabeth Hansen  269
Library 3yrs Sara VanHof   260
Library 2yrs Stephen Murphy 262
Library 3yrs Michelle Duford 251


Auditor 3yrs Several write-ins – none more than 8 needed for election
Auditor 2yrs Several write-ins – none more than 8 needed for election
Cemetery 5yrs Write-ins: Jamie Dutil 11, Susan

Stitely 9, others

Cemetery 2yrs Jamie Dutil 29,

Stephanie Appleton 6, others

Article 2 $10,494 for 21 area service agencies Yes 258 No 45
Article 3 About tax collections –

Yes 276 No 27

Article 4 $17,850 – WVFD Truck Fund

Yes 240   no 73

Article 5 $105,297 – WVFD Operations

Yes 226     No 84

Article 6 $85,000 – WVFD New Station

Yes 139 No 167

Article 7 $205,129 – General Fund

Yes 280                  No 26

Article 8 $571,994 – Highway Budget

Yes 280                   No 29



Warning-Annual Town Meeting-March 2, 2021

The legal voters of the Town of Woodbury, Vermont are hereby warned and notified to cast ballots by mail or hand delivery, or come to the Woodbury Town Hall on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 between 10:00 A.M. and 7 P.M. to vote by Australian Ballot on the following Articles:

Article 1: To elect all town officers required by law:
Moderator – 1 year
Town Clerk – 1 year remaining of a 3-year term
Select Board Member – 3 years
Lister – 3 years
Auditor – 3 years
Auditor – 2 years of a 3-year term
Collector of Delinquent Taxes – 1 year
Cemetery Commissioner – 5 years
Cemetery Commissioner – 2 years of a 5-year term
Library Trustee – 1 year
Library Trustee – 2 years
Library Trustee – 3 Years
Library Trustee – 3 Years

Article 2: Shall the Town appropriate a total of $10,494 to the following Central Vermont area service agencies?

$750 to AWARE (Aid to Women, Men and Children in Abuse and Rape Emergencies)?
$250 to the American Red Cross of NH/VT?
$600 to Central Vermont Adult Basic Education
$750 to the Central Vermont Council on Aging
$300 to the Central Vermont Economic Development Corporation
$2,000 to Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice Inc.
$650 to CIRCLE (Battered Women’s Services)
$100 to the Family Center of Washington County
$484 to Green Mountain Transit
$50 to Green Up Vermont
$750 to Hardwick Community Television
$200 to Our House of Central Vermont
$100 to the People’s Health and Wellness Clinic
$500 to Rural Community Transportation
$200 to MOSAIC (formerly the Sexual Assault Crisis Team)
$200 to Salvation Farms (provides fresh vegetables from VT farms, to food pantries)
$1,000 to the Twin Valley Senior Center
$210 to the Vermont Center for Independent Living
$100 to the VT Rural Fire Protection Task Force for the Dry Hydrant Program
$1,000 to Washington County Mental Health Services
$500 to the Washington County Youth Service Bureau

Article 3: Shall the Town have its taxes paid to the Town Treasurer, as tax receiver, 60 days after tax bills are mailed (estimated due date to be Oct. 28, 2021)? Taxes would then become delinquent and be turned over to the Collector of Delinquent Taxes for collection with a penalty that increases by ½ % per month of delinquency to a maximum of 6% for one full year or more of delinquency, and interest of 6% per year or ½% per month.

Article 4: Shall the Town appropriate $17,850.00 to the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department, to be added to the truck replacement fund?

Article 5: Shall the Town appropriate $105,297 to fund the operations of the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department, including the Capital Replacement Fund, for the fiscal year commencing July 1, 2021?

Article 6: Shall the Town appropriate up to $85,000 to the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department Inc. for the purpose of financing the cost for construction of a new Fire and Emergency Operations center for a total cost of $1,200,000?

Article 7: Shall the Town appropriate $205,129 to meet the expenses and liabilities of the Town for general purposes for the period from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022? (This amount does not include the Fire Department requests or the Service Agency requests.)

Article 8: Shall the Town appropriate $571,994 to meet the expenses and liabilities of the Town for highway purposes for the period from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022?

Dated at Woodbury, Vermont this 25th day of January, 2021.
Select Board:

/s/ Michael Gray; Select Board Chair
/s/ Brian Shatney; Select Board Member
/s/ Paul Cerutti; Select Board Member

Received for filing on January 26, 2021
Attest: /s/ Diana Peduzzi, Town Clerk

Notice to Voters–Annual Town Meeting–March 2, 2021

Woodbury Town Hall
Tuesday, March 2, 2021
10:00 AM- 7:00 PM

There will be a Town Meeting on March 2 but it won’t look like previous Town Meetings.  There will be no open in-person meeting. Instead, voting on town elections and business will be done by absentee ballots.-Ballots will be mailed to all registered voters, by mid-February. Town Reports will be mailed to each household around the same time. The ballot envelope will include a Town ballot, a Hazen Union ballot and one or two ballots for Orleans Southwest Union Elementary School business. Ballots can be returned either by mail, or left at the Town Office in the mail slot on the porch, or can be returned on March 2 at the Town Hall.

There will be one opportunity to ask questions about the Town budget items. That Informational Meeting will be held virtually, via ZOOM, at 6:30 PM on Thursday, February 25. The meeting will be hosted by HCTV and will be available to view after the meeting, by going to

To participate in the meeting, you will need to be connected to the internet and have Zoom software on your computer or tablet. If you need assistance on how to hook up to the meeting, call the Town Office at 456-7051 and we will attempt to help.
Topic: Woodbury Town Informational Meeting – February 25, 2021
Time: Feb 25, 2021 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 842 4015 9507
Passcode: 448556

The checklist will be posted by February 2, 2020. Make sure your name is on it. If your name is not on it, you should register to vote:
WHEN: Any time up to and including March 2, Town Meeting Day. Same Day Voter Registration is now available in Vermont.
WHERE: Town Clerk’s Office, Route 14 in South Woodbury, M-Th 9-1 and M 6-8 PM
OR ON-LINE – eligible voters can also register to vote through the Secretary of State’s Online Voter Registration System –

Woodbury Awarded a $7,500 State Planning Grant

DATE: January 11, 2021

The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) awarded $7,500.00 to Woodbury in state Municipal Planning Grant funds to re-write Woodbury’s Town Plan. Woodbury successfully competed against 47 municipalities and was one of 32 funded.

The Municipal Planning Grant will aid the Woodbury Planning Commission in creating an inclusive planning process and a Town Plan that meets statutory requirements while providing Woodbury with clear and strategic initiatives.

CONTACT: Thomas Lindsay-Planning Commission Chair

Follow the link below to learn more.


Woodbury Town Plan Community Survey Update


The Planning Commission is in the process of developing a new town plan. We want to hear from you and get your input on Woodbury’s future! The Community Survey is a vital tool used to establish a strong, community-held vision for the Future of Woodbury.  Over 80 surveys have been completed to date!

Please use the following link for the electronic Community Survey, hosted by SurveyMonkey:

The survey closes on January 6, 2021.

Thank you,

Town of Woodbury Planning Commission

Town Plan Community Survey Update

Town Plan Community Survey Update

The Planning Commission needs to hear from Woodbury residents and property owners to get your input on Woodbury’s future. The Planning Commission published a link to the Community Survey on November 9, 2020. A sincere thank you to the 49 Survey respondents to date.

Please note that the Community Survey is a vital tool used to establish a strong, community-held vision of Woodbury’s future. The deadline for submitting your input is January 6, 2021, so there is ample time for all Woodbury residents and property owners to take the survey. Here’s the link to the electronic survey:
Please do forward the survey link to two other persons in Woodbury.

Paper copies of the survey are available at the Town Offices. Please call ahead at 802.456.7051 to be sure the Offices are open.

Thank you,

Town of Woodbury Planning Commission
Contact: Thomas Lindsay, Planning Commission Chair
o Email:
o Phone 802.535.8522
Contact: Michael Gray, Select Board Chair, Planning Commission
o Email:
o Phone: 802.456.1983
Contact: Jim Schweithelm, Planning Commission
o Email:
o Phone 802.578.5114
Contact: Jayne Nold-Laurendeau, Planning Commission
o Phone: 802.456.1534
Contact: Dave Barnowski, Planning Commission
o Phone: 802.456.7094

Overview of Woodbury Town Planning Process

Overview of Woodbury Town Planning Process

November 20, 2020

Why a Town Plan: Every Vermont town is legally required to have an adopted plan, updated every eight years.  The plan articulates resident’s aspirations for the town’s future and describes how to achieve them.  A plan will: 1) help Woodbury make better decisions about how to use its resources and apply its regulatory authority; 2) give the town greater access to state, federal, and private grant funding; and 3) give the town a stronger voice in state infrastructure and land development permitting decisions.

History and Current Status: Woodbury’s most recent plan was adopted in 2003, making it long overdue for revision.  An updated plan was drafted in 2016 but was not finalized.  During Town Meeting 2020, Planning Commission Chairman Skip Lindsay proposed, and residents in attendance agreed to, allocating $10,000 for a comprehensive plan revision.  During the summer, the Planning Commission solicited bids from planning consultants to provide technical assistance during the planning process.  The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRPC) was the successful bidder.  Planners Clare Rock and Zach Maia are now supporting the planning process and will continue to do so through September 2021 when the plan is scheduled to be submitted for adoption by the Select Board and the CVRPC.

Planning Process and Plan Content

Vermont town planning guidelines call for a five step planning process: 1) Community Assessment; 2) Shared community vision formulation; 3) Goals and policies development; 4) Mapping of desired future land use; and 5) Priority actions identification.  Community assessment includes creating a picture of Woodbury as it is now in terms of history, population, economy, education, infrastructure, housing, communications, transportation, energy use, land use, and natural resources. A core element of the assessment process is engaging residents to understand their perceptions of the town and aspirations for its future.  This information forms the basis for a community discussion about creating a community vision and later to develop goals, policies and actions to achieve the vision.  The CVRPC will gather data and create maps to support the visioning and planning process.   In addition to the above topics, towns are legally mandated to include provisions in the plan to protect large forest blocks and reduce flood impacts.   Towns may include additional topics of local interest.

The Vision

Agreeing on a vision of Woodbury’s future is at the heart of the planning process.  A vision statement typically addresses overall town character, educational and economic opportunities, land and natural resource use, and government services but isn’t limited to these topics.  The vision may include a desire to maintain elements of the town’s character while identifying areas where change is desired.

Where We Are Now

The Planning Commission and consultants have developed a survey to get input from Woodbury full and part-time residents on topics that are critical to developing the vision.  This survey may be completed electronically on Survey Monkey or filled out on a paper form available at the town office until early January.  Members of the Planning Commission will interview selected residents in more depth.

Public Information 

Monthly progress updates will be posted on the town website and on Front Porch Forum.  Survey results will be posted as they are available using an information dashboard that will be developed by a volunteer Woodbury resident.

COVID Considerations

The town planning process usually includes a number of public meetings as the plan is developed to allow community members to interact with each other and with the commissioners. Public meetings are not possible now but the Planning Commission is hopeful that we will be able to hold public meetings next summer.

Planning Schedule

November-December 2020:  Solicit community input as described above.  CVRPC begins data analysis and mapping.

January-February 2021: Summarize interview and survey responses and share them with the community.  Community feedback incorporated into the body of information used to develop the Vision. CVRPC begins updating data and text in the Town Plan.

March-April 2021:  Woodbury Planning Commission and CVRPC develops the vision and goals section of the plan and shares these with the community. CVRPC continues updating the plan.

May-June 2021:  The draft Town Plan is finalized through public meetings, while also seeking comments through electronic media.

July-September 2021:  The Woodbury Town Plan is submitted for town adoption. Public hearings are held by the Planning Commission and then the Select Board. Revisions, if necessary, are made. Upon adoption by the Select Board, the plan will be reviewed by CVRPC for regional approval and legal adoption.