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Laura Dailey

This comment was sent in by Peter Peltz, who was unable to post here despite many attempts so I am adding it to the discussion on his behalf.

“I abut a property on Rt 14 that is possibly the worse example for dumping solid waste and junk vehicles in Woodbury. I purchased my land in 1969; this situation has not changed since then. A few years back the only way the my abutters got inspected by town officials was with the presence of armed game wardens. There was an effort to clean up the lot that did not last long. Many junk vehicles, tires and much more are clearly evident there now.

A valuable lesson I learned from being a state rep for eight years is that laws are only effective when they are enforced. Unless there is a firm commitment from Woodbury’s civic leaders to enforce the Ordinance Regulating the Disposal of Solid Waste and the Outdoor Storage of Junk Vehicles not much will change. Perhaps fines that were levied with liens might be a start.”