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Gwendolyn Marsha

Taking care of our waterways and environment are top priority, however, this ordinance is over reaching. Junkyards next to waterways should be regulated, but I do not want an “authority” to tell me what container I need to put my compost in. Since the beginning of this pandemic property values have skyrocketed and Vermont has many new residents. The properties that have been turned over this year, sold behind the scenes to the wealthy, are now out of reach to the average income person and will remain so. People who have money and own property complain about those who don’t. Maybe they should pool their money and create a “free trip to the dump week”, where they can help their neighbors. An example of this snobbery: I watched the select board complain about an abandon car. No one offered to pay to have the thing towed back to its home. Apparently paying for sheriffs, and fining people who can’t afford it, is more fun. Some are worried about their property value, yet not one who complains, will pull a couch out of a ditch and bring it to the dump. Wealthy people drive by dumped tires everyday and rather than picking them up and taking them to the dump, they complain to the select board. This is pure classism. $60 can be a fun night at the Legion, or a week’s worth of food for a family, depending on who you are. Can we just take care of a few major problems and drop the rest? How about just making a rule that no one has the right to pollute someone else’s, or common property, and drop the state regulations. If we want a nicer neighborhood, we could start by being nicer people. We do nothing about noise pollution, aggressive driving, intolerable dust off the roads, thievery, blatant disrespect of others, but oh, our property value. P.S. I really have zero sympathy for neighborhood real-estate tycoons. Please stop trying to squeeze and bully the common people out of town. Lots of love, Gwen