Proposed Zoning Changes

The Woodbury Select Board is being asked to approve a change in the fee structure for zoning permits, as follows: 

1. New Construction $0.10 per square foot

2. Remove or Demolish $25

3. Change of Use $25

4. Land Development $100 per parcel

5. Erect a Sign $25

6. Public Hearing $250 (conditional use, variance)

7. Public Hearing Appeal $250

8. Certificate of Compliance $60 (Flood Hazard Overly)

Currently all permits are charged a fee of $25.00 and hearings on appeals or conditional uses are $35.00.

This change will be reviewed again at the next Select Board Meeting on May 11.  Please respond to this posting or comment directly to the select board at

Special Selectboard Meeting


                Notice of Special Select Board Meeting

                       Community Room, Woodbury Library

                                 Tuesday, May 5, 2020  8:00 A.M.

       The Select Board will be holding two special meetings, back to back, first opening the meeting and then entering executive session shortly after, conducting an interview, closing the executive session and then reopening the meeting.  The select board will be meeting with Greg Parkhurst and Chuck Batchelder.


8:00 a.m.  Open meeting

Determine that premature public discussion would cause the persons involved to suffer substantial disadvantage

Enter Executive Session, citing 1 VSA, Sec.313 (a)(1) (g) (ii. & iv.) Labor relations with employees and grievances – invite Greg Parkhurst

Exit Executive Session, reopen select board meeting

9:00 a.m. Enter Executive Session, citing 1 VSA, Sec 313 (a)(3), The appointment of a public officer – invite Chuck Batchelder and Greg Parkhurst

Exit Executive Session, reopen select board meeting

10:00 a.m. Adjourn

Dog License Reminder

Dog licenses deadline has been extended to 5/1/2020. Currently we have about half the dogs registered in town, and are hoping to get the rest done before the deadline. Most folks received a reminder by mail this year, giving their dogs rabies vaccination status. If you lost it or did not get one and need that information, call the town clerks office at (802) 456-7051. If you have acquired a new dog since last year, and it is over 6 months old, you are required by state law to register the dog. Please provide proof of rabies vaccinations and spay/neuter procedure. If you were required to get a new rabies shot, please either have the vet email it to me at, or put a copy with your check in the drop box at the town office, or mail it to Town of Woodbury, P.O. Box 10, Woodbury, VT 05681. If you need a copy of the rabies info mailed back just indicate that with a note and I will make sure to send it. Cost is:
Spayed/Neutered- Before 5/1/2020- $9.00; After 5/1/20- $11.00
Unaltered- Before 5/1/2020-$13.00; After 5/1/2020- $17.00
Please make checks payable to Town of Woodbury.
Thank you for your attention to this matter!
Laura Dailey-Assistant Town Clerk

Select Board Meeting 4/13/2020

 Monday, April 13, 2020  6:00 P.M.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and the safety issues concerning public gatherings, the Select Board will be holding its meeting as a videoconference via ZOOM.  There will be no physical public setting for this meeting. Hardwick Community Television will be hosting the meeting.  The meeting is scheduled to start at 6:00 p.m., however access to the meeting will begin at 5:50 p.m. to allow time for gaining access to everyone and for any possible glitches to be worked out  before the meeting is scheduled to start.

Contact information:

By Computer: We will be using the video conferencing system called ZOOM. To use ZOOM, you will need to download the app (You do not need to sign up for your own account)  To access the meeting you would open the app and will then see a window inviting you to join a meeting. Click on join the meeting. You will then be asked to type in the Meeting ID. The meeting ID for this meeting will be 447 664 108. You will then be asked to give a meeting password to join the meeting. Those interested in receiving the meeting password should call or email Michael Gray at 456-1983 or Laura Dailey at 456-1067 Please allow a short period of time for the host to give you access to the meeting.

By Phone:  The public call-in number is 1(301)715-8592…You will be asked for a meeting ID number; the meeting ID number for this meeting will be 447 664 108, followed by the # sign. You will be on hold until the host allows access to the meeting. Please identify yourself to the body when you enter the meeting. For sound clarity during the meeting please mute your phone by pressing *6 when not speaking. You will still be able to listen to the meeting. When you wish to speak, press *6 again; when finished speaking, again press *6 to mute.

For anyone who wishes access to the meeting and runs into trouble, please call Michael or Laura.

Covid-19 town response

The town of Woodbury has received a few inquiries from residents wanting to know if they can help in any way with the town’s response to the COVID 19 pandemic. One of the most important things we can do is check in and watch out for each other, particularly those we know are most vulnerable. Helping our neighbors includes being aware that our personal face to face contact can contribute to the spread of the virus and compromise ourselves and the very people we are trying to help. If there are neighbors or folks in town you may be concerned about please try to contact them by phone or e-mail first. If you are contacting them in person, please be sensitive to the 6 foot “safe distance” protocol advised by the health department.

Town officials have begun to gather a list of those who might warrant our concern and of those wanting to help in some way to better facilitate an organized town response to this expected need. A simple form has been developed to help coordinate this effort and is attached to this e-mail. If you are in need of assistance, know of someone who may need assistance or if you would like to provide assistance, please fill out and return the attached form to the town office…  456-7051 or Michael Gray…  456-1983.  Please forward this e-mail to anyone you know in Woodbury that may not have received this e-mail to insure this gets to as many residents as possible. Postal responses for returning the form can be sent to the  Woodbury Town Office, P.O. Box 10, Woodbury, Vt. 0581 or Michael Gray, 1956 Foster Hill Road, East Calais, Vt. 05650. 

Town Office Closed to the Public

The Woodbury Town office is closed to public access until further notice. The Town has taken this step to do our part to practice good social distancing measures and protect the health and well-being of all involved given the current situation with COVID19. The Town Office staff will remain available to assist you by phone, e-mail or postal mail. Regular business hours for the town office will remain the same. These are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The town office hours for Monday evening will be cancelled until further notice.

Contact information is listed below:  

For the Town Clerk and Assistant Town Clerk email  and; for the Town Treasurer e-mail and/or call the town office (802) 456-7051. For other town officials, please call the town office for their contact information. Woodbury’s web site address is

Use of the vault for land records research – Please call ahead for an appointment and to confirm open hours. The town reserves the right to restrict this access for anyone who may show symptoms referenced for coronavirus and or if you have recently travelled to / from one of countries with a travel ban in place. 

If you are in need of the following items please note the process for requesting them: 

Copies of Tax Bills- Please call or email the Town Clerk’s office. We can email, fax or mail the copy out for you or directly to your tax preparer, or leave it on the bulletin board on the town office porch for you to pick up.

Certified Birth, Death or Marriage Certificates – Please call or e-mail the Town Clerk’s office.  

Dog Licenses – Leave your paperwork (if any) and payment in the drop box located on the town office porch and we will mail you the license and tag.  The late fee will be waived until May 1.

Payments of delinquent taxes – Send checks by mail or leave in the drop box.  For cash payments, please call ahead.

Zoning applications or questions – Contact Robert Martin at 456-8870 or

Dog License Reminders Extension until 5/1/2020

Please remember to renew your dog’s license before April 1. They have been trickling in but we have many of you we’ve yet to see this year! Remember the cost increases after 4/1/2020, and failure to register your dog can include consequences such as fines and/or impounded animals. It also results in more work for our animal control officer as well as our office staff. Office hours are 9-1 Monday-Thursday and 6-8 Monday evening. If your dog’s rabies vaccination is current you can register by mail or leave your request in the drop box outside of the town office (in the wall). If it is not current we need an updated certificate of vaccination, you can include that and a check and mail it or leave it in the drop box and we will mail you your license and tag. The cost is $9 if the dog is spayed or neutered, otherwise $13. Please make checks payable to the Town of Woodbury. Call 456-7051 with questions. If you received a reminder letter this year, most people should have, it will include your dogs rabies vaccination expiration date. If your dog is due for updated shots, below are a list of upcoming rabies clinics.

Rabies Clinic information:

Tomorrow night, 3/12 from 6-7:30 pm in East Montpelier at the Fire Station. The cost is $20/animal.

Hardwick Vets office
3/14 & 3/21 Rabies Only, no appointment needed. 8:30-10AM, $20/animal.

Tractor Supply:
Berlin/Montpelier location- 3/29/2020 4-5:30 PM
Morrisville- 3/29/2020 1-2:30PM

Cancelled!!! Recycle Right: From Blue Bin to Beyond

Wednesday, March 18, 5:30-7 p.m., at the Woodbury Community Library, the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District hosts a recycling and composting workshop.

Are you ready to improve your recycling game? You’ll have all your recycling questions answered in this in-depth workshop, including how to “recycle” food scraps both at home, and at community events. Come learn the overview of Vermont’s recycling laws, what goes in/what stays OUT of your recycling and compost bins, and what “additional” recycling is and how to do it right and how to avoid “wish cycling.” Join Theron Lay-Sleeper, Outreach Coordinator at the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District, to get ready for the final phase of Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law, a ban on residential food scraps in the landfill starting July 1. He’ll also teach participants how to deal with waste at events, like Woodbury Pie Breakfast on March 21.