DMV Forms and publications

The Woodbury Town Clerks office has just updated our Department of Motor Vehicle forms inventory, and now has almost anything you could need from DMV, including manuals such as CDL, snowmobile regulations, motorcycle, and drivers tests. We also have registration, accident or incident reporting forms, bill of sale, specialty plates and handicapped placard applications. We can print anything off that we do not have on hand as well. Save some time at DMV, or mail the forms if applicable. We look forward to seeing you!

We are also still able to process your registration renewals and issue a temporary registration until your new one comes in the mail!

Citizens Assistance Registry for Emergencies

Considering the recent snow storms that caused prolonged power outages in most of Woodbury, I thought it prudent to inform people of a program that can help those who are most affected by these outages.

For elders or people with physical or mental disabilities, such events can become life-threatening if they are prolonged and no one is available to help. The CARE Program (Citizen Assistance Registry for Emergencies), administered by the United Ways of Vermont, Vermont 211 and Enhanced 911, are working together to identify Vermont residents who would require special assistance in an emergency. Here’s the link: 

If you, or you know someone who would need special help in a crisis, please complete the linked form below and return it to Vermont 211. Vermont 211 PO Box 111 Essex Junction, VT 05453. (An online fillable form will be available soon)


Woodbury Country Store Update

Under the leadership of Diana Peduzzi, work at the old Woodbury Country Store began on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 with the excavation of approximately 70 cubic yards of contaminated soil at the site.

The impacted material that was removed from the excavation site and placed on polyethylene sheeting. Polyethylene sheeting was draped over the impacted material extending past the edges of the stockpile.

Washed stone was used to backfill the excavation to match the existing grade.

Load-out of the impacted material is scheduled to occur on Monday November 5, 2018 and the material will be sent to the Coventry, Vermont landfill.