Board Members

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Meets Second & Fourth Monday, 6:00 p.m. at Various Locations
Chris Koteas
Diana Peduzzi
Peter Peltz-Chair

Hardwick Community Television Meeting Videos

Planning Commission

Meets Third Monday, 6:00 p.m. – Town Hall or the Activity Room at the Community Library

Michael Sadler
Jayne Nold-Laurendeau
Michael Gray-Chair
Dave Barnowski
Jim Schweithelm-Vice Chair

Woodbury Fund Committee

Peter Peltz
Grady Neill
Robin Durkee
Norman Etkind
George Sawyer

Cemetary Commission

Lee (Kenzan) Seidenberg
Susan Stitely
Patti Garbeck-Chair
Jamie Dutil
Amy Eldred

Historical Society

Sheila Neill
Grady Neill
Carolyn Stewart
Dan St. John

Conservation Commission

Meets Third Thursday, 6:30 p.m. – Town Office

Paul Council, Chair
Jack Travelstead
Susan Sawyer
Michael Gray
Chad Wohlers
Kiley Briggs
Andrea Rosin

Woodbury Community Library Board of Trustees

Ginger Etkind
Cindy Gordon
Jack Travelstead
Ann Peltz

Zoning Board of Adjustment

David Barnowski
Rick Cannon
Ward (Skip) Marchesani
Michael McGlynn
Chance Payette

Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission Representative

Michael Gray

Transportation Advisory Committee Representative

Chris Koteas

Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District Representative

Chris Koteas

First Constable

Gary Clark

Animal Control Officer & Pound Keeper

Kim Silk

Dangerous Building Officer

Kim Silk

School Board

Meets Third Thursday, 6:00 p.m. – Woodbury Elementary School

Patrick Flood
Catherine Peltz
Steve Murphy
Phoebe Slater
Kim Silk

OSS-Orleans SW Union Elementary District Board

Kim Silk
Phoebe Slater

Hazen Union District Board

Steven Freihofner
Chris Casey

E911 Coordinator

Thomas (Skip) Lindsay

Tree Warden

Jim Schweithelm

Central Vermont Fiber Board

Rebecca Browning