Town Officials

To contact any of the town staff, call the town office at (802) 456-7051 or email the Town Clerk:

Town Clerk: Robin Durkee Email:
Assistant Town Clerk Pamela Ankuda


Treasurer: Brandy Smith Email:

Road Foreman:

Road Commissioner:


Alfred Larrabee

Alfred Larrabee





Phone: 802.272.4375



Collector of Delinquent Taxes: Brandy Smith Email:
Zoning Administrator: Robert Martin

Home: 802.456.8870


Robert Martin 802.456.8870
Ron Wells 802.472.6698
Health Officer


Joshua Corn

Phone: 919.208.0177


Emergency Management Director: Norm Etkind                                                                                                                                                Email:                                                                                                                                    Cell Phone: 1.802.595.0879 

E911 Coordinator:  Thomas (Skip) Lindsay  Email:

Tree Warden:  James Schweithelm

Pound Keeper:  Vacant

Animal Control Officer:     Vacant

Dangerous Buildings Officer:   Vacant

Forest Fire Warden :          Paul Cerutti

Asst. Fire Warden :            Jacob Cerutti

First Constable :                 Gary Clark: Cell Phone: 1.802.825.6935                                                                                                                                            Home Phone: 1.802.552.7985

CVRPC Representative:    Michael Gray

Energy Coordinator:           Vacant

Transportation Advisory  Committee Rep.:     Chris Koteas

Central VT Solid Waste  Mgmt. District Rep. : Chris Koteas

Health Officer:    Joshua Corn

Central Vermont Fiber Board :    Michael Gray